Have a project to submit?

At Charter Comics, we are always looking for new creative partners with great stories to publish. We are always excited to review new material and speak with new creators. At Charter Comics we must be selective regarding the creators with whom we work with. We can not promise that we will accept your submissions but regardless, we do thank you for introducing your work to us.



Please be sure to follow the instructions as you proceed. We will not respond to incomplete submissions.

  • We ask that you have a creative team lined up prior to submission. We do not accept partial submissions; writing samples need to be completed. Charter comics can recommend artist, letterers and others that you may need to finish a product.
  • We only publish new original work dealing with original characters and stories.
  • Charter comics does not pay per-page rates or creative fees. Each individual creator owns his or hers IP 100%. We will have your books printed and distributed to as many places as possible, we will also promote your IP on our platforms.

  • Please allow us up to sixty days to respond to your submission. We are a small staff dedicated to producing and selling our products. However, if you do not hear from us in sixty days or less, feel free to reach out. We want to give you feedback one way or another.



  • Introduce yourself and your team on a cover letter to include brief resumes of your team, prior publications (if any – none required), and your goals. Please include contact information including email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Provide an elevator pitch as an opener. This is how you will  catch our attention.

  • Give us the story and its surroundings for the entire series, in a short description .

  • Let us know how you have gone to market and your plans to market and promote your project outside of Charter comics. We want to make sure that as a creator you want your project to succeed just as we do.

  • Charter comics is looking for quality projects that catches the readers eyes. Send over some completed artwork if it has been done.

  • Whats a comic without a cover?  Send over a completed cover of the project as well.  We want to see what type of art style your submissions have.

  • Send all files (PDF, We transfer) or a link to:


We appreciate the time you have taken to propose your stories to Charter Comics. No story is a bad story and every creator is different.