Twenty Thirty Two

Charter Comics

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The year was 2020. The world was infected by a virus that was man made. Millions of people were dying.
Here at home a revolution broke out. The country was divided by two political parties and the powder keg finally blew up. 2021 saw the beginning of the end for the United States as citizens rose up against the government. Men, woman, children all died in the fighting.
We were fighting a virus as well as each other. The police and military were overrun by the revolution and the only winner….. was the virus.
The year is now 2032, The United States has now become the EWP. The European Western Region.
There is a new order in place, a one world order that rules the world. The countries of China, Russia, North Korea, Mexico and England use our land to transfer their degenerates to us. The borders are fenced and guarded 24 hours by the One World military.
The oil pipelines are shut off, no vehicles are in use and we are monitored by satellite 24 hours a day. No electricity, and a food shortage.
We have one rule here. Survive or be the victim.
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